Stockholm Indoor Cup, part 2


The second stage of the Stockholm Indoor Cup takes places in a school nearer to the city centre, Globala gymnasiet, just a few stations from the central station on the T-bana.

This stage of the event stands out in having the competition take place not only in the main building but also in two separate buildings, linked by passages marked with carpets on-site and blue areas on the map. While it was a few minus degrees outdoors, the indoor environment then becomes hot and humid by comparison which affected thinking due to insufficient oxygen.

For both stages, description sheets are available separately and not printed on the map. Start time band, at one hour intervals, is chosen during online event entry and start draw is done within each start time band.

A key to rapid route planning is to realise the loops that the one-way passages form (e.g. between staircases A and B on 2/F and 3/F). Compared to yesterday, however, there are not as many instances of a corridor divided into two sides with different linkages. One feature of today is the labyrinth set within the gymnastics hall (controls 14 to 18).


The only control marker on-site is the start marker as in the photo below. Note that the marker is of a special rainbow design by SOFT (Svenska Orienteringsförbundet), probably in support of LGBT rights and if I remember correctly, debuted around the time of Stockholm Pride either this year or last year. The left lane is the start passage and the right lane is the competition area; they are NOT mutually passable at the location of the marker.


And all the other controls have no markers, which makes them a lot harder to see:


The start area (appears to be the art room):


The outdoor passage: one must only run on the green carpets to ensure the shoes do not touch the snow and make the indoor areas wet; the rule to have separate indoor shoes for the competition has a similar intention.


A one way lane has arrows, complete with enkelriktat (one way) and the no-entry sign you see on roads:


The finish (mål). Note that there’s a live broadcast of the gymnastics hall (a separate one downstairs of the one with the labyrinth).


People mountain people sea (for those who don’t understand, it’s a calque from Chinese). The balcony is part of the competition area; there’s actually a control to the side of the pipe organ’s manual (very impressive for a high school to have a pipe organ).


The canteen seems to be part of the competition area, so the organisers are selling food and drinks themselves:




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