Reserve tickets for RTI Again now!!!

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RESERVE your tickets now to the Round The Island Again concert, my first electronic concert in Hong Kong (not the first in Sweden though). 20 July 2018 8pm Hong Kong City Hall (Recital Hall). Tickets HK$100 (HK$50 concessionary tickets). Details and reservation

BREAKING! Round The Island Again in Hong Kong 20 July 2018

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BREAKING! Raphael Mak / VicMusic’s Round the Island will return again to Hong Kongthis time in electronic music fashion! 20 July 2018 8pm Hong Kong City Hall (High Block 8/F Recital Hall). Stay tuned!!!

突發新聞! 麥睿勤/維城樂坊 環島行 將以電子音樂形式強勢回歸香港! 七月二十日 香港大會堂高座八樓演奏廳。密切留意!!!

Mid-December – planning the year 2015

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Mid-December 2014. Perhaps a bit late to plan the next year (or might be just in time).

2014 has been indeed a year never before experienced. Compositions, maps, super long trips. Ever tumultuous and changing society. Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mongkok revolutionizes our urban spatial experience (and above all political, but remember that planning is also political – search for relevant urban planning literature).

Next year I will be graduating, which means I should hold a graduation recital (not a must, though). Then I realized that I have too much material to present – my newest plan is to hold 4 concerts – 2 recitals at City Hall (the venue I had my composition concert last year); 1 ensemble concert and 1 orchestra concert at CUHK. They will be in around June or July. I’ll release details later.

Orienteering – Stay tuned for the new club I have founded with some friends, the Metropolitan Orienteering Club (MetOC). I have 3 mapping commissions in 2015: one for a sprint ranking race in Tseung Kwan O, one for a team event in Shatin, one for the annual championships long distance event. I’ll have to work hard in the local annual championships this year – if I do well enough I might get a chance to go to the World Championships in Scotland.

The most important thing – master studies. I’ll be applying for the Master of Science in Urban Planning programme at the University of Hong Kong. But I’ll be applying to music postgraduate programmes as well in case it doesn’t get through.


Coming marathon – and coming concert

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February (and the Year of the Horse) came, lots of food eaten, lots of red packet money obtained (yay!), lots of training carried out, and finally the long awaited annual marathon race in Hong Kong is forthcoming! The race, which has become a unique focal point for Hong Kong runners and the general community and a generator of chat topics, will take place the coming Sunday, the 16th of February.

The temperature dropped to 8 degrees Celsius in Victoria City and Kowloon, and 6 in much of the New Territories (including my university; I estimate it was just 5 degrees Celsius on the hilltop where I had my 08:30 lesson!). For a 7-million-strong populace which is accustomed to a sub-tropical climate, this already qualifies as “freezing cold”. Luckily weather forecast says it’s going to get warmer on Sunday (15-18 degrees Celsius).

And now, let’s change the topic to an upcoming MYO concert: “Who Played My Opera?” (simply put, selections of famous operatic excerpts.) [to take place on 9 March in the HK Cultural Centre; tickets available at URBTIX]

September: busy again…

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After the composition concert, it is semester time again.

Having enrolled in a course on urban spaces and a course on modern architecture (I intend to take urban studies as a minor), my busy moment came early in September with projects and assignments. Thus, orienteering map drawing came to a halt after I had completed a map of the new Government headquarters at Tamar. Some progress was made for the Taipingshan map though, since I have to go there for the urban space assignment.

Music composition continued with some drafting, but effort has to be redirected to the composition course project this semester: for a percussion ensemble of four (since my department has invited a percussion ensemble as resident performer this year). What a challenge.

There will be an MYO concert on 27 Oct – programme includes Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody (orchestration), Brahms 2nd symphony finale, overture from Die Fledermaus, as well as two famous concertante works for violin (with MYO members chosen as soloists): Czardas and Zigeunerweisen.

Orienteering went on well, but since September is still very much summer in Hong Kong only sprint competitions are run. Orienteering in the wild mainly consisted of technical training.


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Long time no blog post. I was out of Hong Kong three times – once to Sweden for O-Ringen, once to Guizhou for the All China Orienteering Championships, once to Guangzhou for an orienteering camp – and am just back this evening. Yes – all three times for orienteering.

During this course of time I have finished one more piano sonata. (One was completed earlier this year in February.)

Next to-do – prepare for the 31 August concert. (I am holding a composition concert, programme includes my flute sonata, piano reductions of flute concerto and violin concerto – you can buy tickets at

I will write in detail about each of the above when I have time – yes when I have time, which is not easy to achieve.

Near the end of June…

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So it’s a long time since I typed any posts, as I got really busy with the German intensive class…

taitong_20130601_windowWindow orienteering exercise on 1 June (postponed from 17 May) in Tai Tong

taitong_20130601_window_picking Control picking exercise. I didn’t finish the whole thing since I have to hurry to concert rehearsal.

laichikokpark_20130612Sprint orienteering training by HKOC in Lai Chi Kok Park, on 12 June.

To come: 15 July, helping the Wah Yan orchestra in Shostakovich 9th symphony (playing piccolo); my own composition concert on 31 August (7pm in City Hall 8/F Recital Hall; do come and support! 😀 )

Promotion: MYO concert with Lin Cho-Liang

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The violinist Lin Cho-Liang (林昭亮) will co-operate with The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong to perform Mozart’s 2nd violin concerto. The orchestra will also perform Sonic Dreams Made Real by Matthew Tommasini, and Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony (i.e. New World) in its entirety.

The concert is on coming Tuesday (30 April), 8pm, Academic Community Hall (HK Baptist University).

N.B. This will be the first time I get to perform an entire symphony. Lots of solo passages.

Promotion: Bauhinia Concert 2012

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The Bauhinia Concert is the annual composition concert of the Music Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The concert this year is on 20 Nov 2012 (Tue) 8pm at Shatin Town Hall (Cultural Activities Hall). Among the works performed will be my song cycle set on folk song texts from Han Dynasty period (yuefu 樂府). Other composer friends of mine being featured include David Chan (Ho-yi) and Pierre Tang.

Tickets may be purchased at URBTIX (