22 Feb 2014

Maps, Orienteering, Running and athletics, Sport

Now I know what happens when one gets a sub-3 in marathon – not just my running and orienteering friends, but also my music friends, kept asking in the past week if I did get a sub-3 in marathon. To many a sub-3 marathon is an impossible dream, and difficult even for a marathon finish. If you are willing to try, there are always some way or another you can make it. (And by the way, my official time is 2h59’05”, quite a lucky sub-3.)

Tomorrow is the first orienteering ranking race in Hong Kong, and my first in the elite class. Trying not to give pressure on myself. Let it be.

The open space near the Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui (adjacent to the Sogo store, which closed down not long ago) recently underwent a revamp in anticipation of the renovation of the Art Museum, during which the museum will close its doors for three years (?) and hold exhibitions in that space. This necessitated an update of the Cultural Centre orienteering map which I made a full year ago. Minor updates are also made. (The updated map and the before/after comparison below)